About Us


Suggestive Motion are a Birmingham (UK) based indie pop/rock duo, Alan Clarke and Vin Parker make up the line-up writing and creating their 80’s / 90’s influenced indie songs.

Fairy Tale Book – New Single out now!!!

Thunderbirds – Is going strong on SoundCloud 25,000+ listens.

The first track “Far Out Café” is now available, taken from the forthcoming album “Supermarionation” due out early next year.

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“The Walker” second single from the debut album, is now available (check out the new video)!

Far Out Cafe (Deep House Remix) is being played at the Far Out Cafe in Ios Greece and is available to listen to on Spotify and download from iTunes.

Suggestive Motion Second Single “The Walker” has been remixed by our friends from Accessory and is available Now!!






Watching the sun go down at the Far Out Cafe

Watching the sun go down at the Far Out Cafe